Please Help Purchase a New Toyota Van for our Children

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Our family of children has grown and our little and faithful 8 passenger mini van is no longer adequate to safely transport all of our 20 children and staff around town! 

We have an opportunity for you to help provide a much larger van which is a safe and reliable transportation for us. We desire to purchase a Toyota Hiace Commuter van. Its purchase price is $32,290 USD. This vehicle is very needed now as we drive our children to and from school in addition to all of our other activities around the city and province of Arequipa, Peru. 


Growing Pains - An Opportunity

Our little red van has served us very well over the years. And, we will continue to use it for carrying small amounts of children or to run errands. But, as you can see, a van the size of our current one cannot safely carry 20 children plus staff and driver. Additionally, we need a larger van to safely transport the girls to school every day.


Our Children are no Longer Little

Our children, just like yours, have grown. All these kids you see in the photo were much smaller in stature when we were able to purchase our red van back in April of 2014. Now, they just don't fit into the vehicle as well as they did back when it was brand new. Here, in this photo, our girls are loaded-up to go to a large dance event in which they had participated.


Can You Help?

Here we are, having arrived to the above-mentioned dance event. This doesn't include all our staff members that needed to come along. It took our little red van plus 2 taxis to get everyone to the activity. At other times, part of our family goes in our current vehicle and the rest go on foot. Your financial gift, in any amount, will be a great help to us as we take steps of faith to be able to make this purchase a reality. With your help, we will be able to transport everyone together. Thank you very much for your thoughtful consideration to help us!