assistant promotor


Assistant Promotor Position

We are in need of an individual to help promote our mission on behalf of our rescued children and teens in Arequipa, Peru - South America.

In the country of Peru, we work in cooperation with the Peruvian court systems and their version of Child Protective Services in the process of our children’s rescue and eventual placement with us.

We have started from the ground level back in January of 2011 with our current family home for these special kids and have continued to grow and develop, since then, into a very nice project. We have developed a unique chemistry of peace and love amongst our children that is noticed even by those who visit us. All this, while we work hard to rebuild their broken lives into one of wholeness and productivity.

Because of the low economic income level of most Peruvian citizens and businesses, it has been necessary, from our beginning, to secure the vast majority of our income from the USA and other developed countries.

However, to do so, requires a fair amount of work, patience, diplomacy, and – above all, trust in God’s faithful provision for the needs of His children that He has entrusted into our hands in the city of Arequipa, located in Peru’s Southern Andes Mountains.

While this is but a very brief description of our particular work and mission, we are looking for a special individual who truly has a heart to help us get the word out to our world that our children exist in Peru and that they are in need of help in order to secure their ongoing shelter. This, in addition to a positive and safe future plus education.

This position is a volunteer position. Any pay remuneration would be based on the successful candidate’s ability to secure donations directed on behalf their personal support. At times, volunteers already have an income base that meets their needs.

And, of course, the amount of hours required per day / week is flexible. This would depend on the applicant’s personal schedule.

For more information about us, we invite you to take a look at our website. Additionally, you may fill-out our form at our “Contact Us” tab and we will respond back to you.

Thank you for your interest in our children in Peru!


· A special call on your life to work on behalf of rescued at-risk children in the country of Peru, South America.

· God-based character and lifestyle.

· Self-disciplined and self-motivated.

· Creativity 

· An ability to network

· Personable, sincere, warm, and diplomatic personality

· An effective communicator

· Public speaking experience

· An ability to develop PowerPoint presentations and short videos.

· An ability and willingness to work with people from different denominational backgrounds, secular backgrounds, and belief systems that may differ from your own.

· Ability to speak Spanish is a plus.

· References

· Criminal Background Check