A fast-paced background and current life of our children

Peru is a wonderful and ancient country and very rich in culture and history! But, just like every country around the world, Peru does have a large number of at-risk children and teens. Our current situation in Peru is that there simply are not enough facilities through-out this country to take care of them. We have received so many calls from the authorities urgently asking us to care for yet another girl. Please consider financially partnering with us, even in light of our global virus crisis!

Una historia de ritmo rápido de las vidas de nuestras niñas

El Perú es un país maravilloso, antiguo, y muy rico de su cultura e historia. Pero, como cualquier otro país del mundo, Perú tiene un gran número de niños, niñas, y adolescentes en alto riesgo social. Nuestra situación actual en este país presenta que no existen suficientes albergues para cuidar a todos los niños y niñas que necesitan ser rescatados. ¡Por favor considera Ud a colaborar con nosotros para que nuestras niñas puedan continuar en nuestra casa - nuestra familia!

Our Dance Program

This video contains both a dance and a Quechua song, sung by our girls. The song, itself, has to do with the birth of Messiah and the 3 wise men who followed a star to find Him.

Our children come from a rich and ancient cultural background. We want them to be very proud of their culture and heritage. Folkloric dance helps assure that their culture continues to be conscious part of their lives.

Part of maintaining this reality in their hearts and minds is through learning their country's folkloric dances and songs.

a key to winning in life

We must all teach our children how to "Run the Race of Life" and finish well. But, finishing well before God has a strategy. This cute, kid oriented video was made by one of our supporting churches, Zion's River of Tacoma, WA. We hope you enjoy it. Be sure to show it to your kids!