Meet our team

Rick Daviscourt - President


With 21 years of experience in the non-profit industry, Rick travels and lives both in the United States and Peru in order to oversee our work in these 2 countries.

Chuck Reppas - Our USA Accountant


Chuck brings to our organization many years of experience as a CPA and president of a non-profit organization that served to benefit the disadvantaged. Additionally, he is a local business owner in Leavenworth, Washington.

Edgar - Our Peru CPA


Edgar, located in Arequipa - Peru, is our Peru-based CPA. He has worked for and with us over the past 9 years. Edgar has many years of experience in managing the accounting for different businesses in Arequipa. His knowledge of the Peruvian accounting legal system is very commendable and needed.

meet our team

Sandra Meza - President and Director of our Peru Children's Home


Sandra´s life and passion is spread amongst each one of our rescued children in the city of Arequipa. She has worked in the child rescue arena since 2005. From that year onward, she has given care to some 200 plus female children and teens.

Jenny - Our Social Worker in Peru


Jenny is a very warm-hearted and loving individual who has worked amongst rescued children in the past. Additionally, she and her husband are business owners.

Claudia - Our Psychologist


Claudia has worked with us for a number of years. Our children love her very much! She has shown a lot of understanding, care and love for our girls during her time with us.

meet our team

Marlene - Spiritual Director


Marlene has worked for us almost since the very beginning of our children's home. Tireless and very dedicated, she is the spiritual director of our children. Marlene has dedicated her life to our girls and the study of God's word. In addition to all this, Marlene fills an important administrative assistant position in our home which helps us keep the ball rolling behind the scenes.

Irma - Substitute Mother


Irma is a woman who has a deep love for each one of our children. She is a former teacher who has also won special recognition in her work as a substitute mother for another Peruvian children's home. She is very loved by the girls and yet has a unique talent for teaching them order and self-discipline.

Elena - Substitute Mother


Elena is a dedicated, sincere, and hard-working substitute mother who truly loves our kids. Our kids love her too! She also has 3 very well behaved and respectful children of her own, one of whom is studying in college. Elena also has a husband who is a general contractor.

meet our team

Shirley - Our Children's Tutor


Shirley is a full-time teacher who works with our children after school. She helps them with their homework and any difficult classroom subject that they are struggling with. She is a very gentle person who kindly and patiently gives our kids the scholastic help some of them need.

Roxana - Our Dance Instructor


Roxana is a professional dance instructor who has dedicated the past 9 years of her life, part-time and with loving patience, to teach our girls dance. You may see a dance presentation, performed by our children, by clicking on Our Videos link on this website.

Eliana - Our Arts and Crafts Teacher


Eliana has worked with our children over the past 9 years in teaching them arts and crafts. What she has taught our girls, over time, has been quite diverse. Her dedication and love to our girls in bringing out their creative artistic abilities is very admirable

meet our team

Johan Carlo - Our Driver


Johan Carlo takes our kids to and from school every school day. Our new home is located quite far from their school. Additionally, there are no local public schools close to where we live. So, this kind and gentle man fills a very important position in our kids' education.

Henry - Our Maintenance Man


Henry is actually a general contractor and also is Elena's husband (substitute mom). Henry and his team performed the remodel work done on our new home for a very, very economical price. He keeps our home in very nice condition for us!


We hope this presentation of our team will give you a little better idea about us and what is both needed and required to make our home work. Truth is, without most of our team members, our home simply will not function. Every single one of these individuals is an essential part of the infrastructure upon which our children's care is developed and maintained.