Rescued Girls in Peru - South America - Our Current events


October, 2018 Guinness Book of World Records Folkloric Event

On the main page of our website, you can see some of our girls in yellow folkloric dress. They were participating in what was the largest folkloric dance event in the world, according to Guinness. Some 5,000 people participated in this event. It was huge! - even more people than what you can see in this photo, which was a warm-up practice for the event a couple of hours later. So, where are our girls in this photo? Good question! They were mixed-in somewhere with thousands of others just like those you see in this picture. Folkloric dance is a very important part of our program with our children and teens.


April 2019 - Our New Home

Late last year, 2018, we were gifted with a large and beautiful new home! It is located in an upscale neighborhood in our city of Arequipa, Peru. For security purposes, we cannot show the exterior of our home. But, here is a photo of a few of our girls in one of our living rooms. The house was in need of much remodel work both in the interior, exterior, yard, and garden areas. We were gifted with not only the house, but also with all the finances needed to do every bit of remodel work! We are so thankful to those who made all this possible for us and our children. And, above all, we give our Creator the thanks for making all this possible through these wonderful people!


April 2019 / 5779 Passover Seder Dinner

Just right after doing our own miniature "Exodus" out of our former rented home that we have been in for five and a half years, we were able to celebrate our first Seder dinner in our new home this last April. In attendance were all of our children, invited guests, and their children too.


June 2019

Here, our kids are all getting ready for the annual Olympics event that was held at the very large Don Bosco children's shelter in our city of Arequipa. In Peru, we are known as Restaurando Esperanza Internacional which, in English, is Restoring Hope International. This event helps to foster participation and friendship between all the different children's rescue centers located in our Peruvian Andean city. Our girls took first place in Volleyball!