grant to purchase commercial baking equipment

In addition to receiving a grant for our sewing equipment, we also received a grant to purchase commercial baking equipment for our kitchen. Fortunately, a large kitchen area can accommodate such a large blessing! We now have two commercial ovens. The newest one has the added feature of injecting moisture into the baking chamber so that our bread will come out of the oven much tastier. Additionally, we also received commercial mixing equipment not seen in this photo.

As stated above, our purpose is also 2-fold with the kitchen: To teach our children the baking trade and eventually generate an income. Our kids have fun selling their desserts and bread to our neighbors and even a business that has liked our bread.

In this photo, you will see a chef who worked with our girls and staff to learn how to use the equipment to make breads and desserts.

I do want to take this moment to thank all those who have worked so hard to help us receive this very special grant!

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